Mastodon Privacy and safety

So today I am presenting 3 more videos on Mastodon.

Firstly a video on how to hide sentitive content, which is more of a safety feature.

It is probably a good idea to hide all media, as different people have different views on what is sensitive.

The second video allows you to do two things

  1. Not be indexed by search engines
  2. Hides who you follow, and who follows you.

While the third video looks at how to ensure your timeline,feed etc remain private and away from public view. This also means people would have to sign up to the Fediverse to see and commuicate with you.

This is also an important safety feature as it reduces the risk of stalking, you also need to keep activity private from perhaps employers, potential employers or other parties.

My Mastodon sign up blog post is here


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