LibrePlanet 2022


I have decided to post this here on my blog, rather than in the beach hut as it should have more reach here.

LibrePlanet 2022

LibrePlanet is the Free Software Foundations [1] annual conference to celebrate and promote free software. In this context free software is defined as software that affords the user the four freedoms to : Use, Modify,share and improve the software. [2]

This year's LibrePlanet theme is “Living Liberation” [3]. LibrePlanet speakers will urge people to continue to make free software part of their daily lives, one decision at a time. The conference will be online over the weekend of March 19th and 20th 2022.

Moving to free software is not always easy, not all hardware is freedom friendly, but this can be worked around until a user can buy free software respecting hardware However there is a lot of really capable software out there that can help is achieve everyday tasks, be this at hone, work, study or elsewhere. So we can make a good start using software such as Firefox [4], Thunderbird [5] and LibreOffice [6].

There are devices such PinePhone, PineTab, [7] that run free software. So lots out there and lots to discuss.

March 19th & 20th 2022

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