Freedom ladder – From the Free Software Foundation 5/8/2021


The “freedom ladder” is a new method the FSF campaigns team has developed to help users get their first start in software freedom.

One problem with most guides introducing newcomers to GNU/Linux is that they stop them too soon on their “journey to freedom,” and end up suggesting that a partially nonfree setup is a desirable outcome. By contrast, our guides focus is to encourage users to not rest content with nonfree software, while at the same time recognizing that they have other pressures and obligations. We want to help them stay both motivated and determined in their gradual process to eliminate nonfree software from their lives. 

Previous meetings have been excellent with lots to chat and think about.

Next meeting is Thursday 5th August 2021. 16:00 to 17:00 Eastern Time on IRC (chat) and will be looking at *Learning how to find help / Trying a free operating system *.

This is going to be 21:00 UK time I think.


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