Florida Schools

For the most part, the Fediverse is full of stuff that is positive, however there is a very disturbing situation coming out of Florida and also other parts of the USA.

Teachers have been told to remove any books not sanctioned or approved by the state or obtained from specific suppliers (who would be approved), Not doing so will result in 3rd degree felony charge, (equivalent to manslaughter).

This is happening right now in the USA. There are similar policies being implemented in other states too.

Florida and books

I am sharing this as I feel it is important to let people know what us going on.

Quote from above:

Students are upset, especially LGBTQ students, said a Keller employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of professional retribution. “They want to see themselves in books, they want to see themselves reflected, and they’re not able to.”

The district wrote in a statement that the book selection “process we have in place … allows librarians to take the lead in curating our libraries, while inviting our community to provide input and to partner with staff to protect our students.” It continued: “Books are not removed simply because they feature LGBTQ characters, and there are still books available that include these characters.”

In a new development,

'a high-ranking legislator from North Dakota, Mike Lefor, is proposing the inevitable next step: banning these books from public libraries.'