Fightback has started.

With the climate crises getting worse, floods, extreme weather, heat, storms all being linked to climate change and this in turn being linked to fossil fuels, the fight back has started.

Climate Earth have filed a case against the board of Shell as detailed below.

In February 2023, we filed a case against Shell’s Board of Directors for failing to move away from fossil fuels fast enough. This is the first ever case of its kind seeking to hold corporate directors personally liable.

In May 2023, the UK High Court dismissed the case, but has since granted us an oral hearing at which we will ask the Judge to reconsider.

You can read more here

We need action NOW, there is a lot of pessimism within the science community as to if we are actually going to reach our aims of reaching our target of avoiding a 1.5 degree global temperature rise See previous post here which links to an article in Nature.

Global temperatures are rising and this is the case even if you factor in events such as El-nino.

Hopefully the judge in will allow the court case to go ahead.

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