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The 2021 Debian Developer conference will be:

**Start : ** August 22 – 2021 **End : ** August 29 – 2021

With a Debcamp preceding this:

**Start : ** August 15, 2021 **End : ** August 21, 2021

As with last year, the conference is virtual, however we still need help with the event, if you're interested please get in touch. Please see website [1] for details and join the mailing list [2] for further discussion.

There is an irc meeting at 18:00 UTC every two weeks, this is on IRC, In the United Kingdom this is UTC+1.

Next planning meeting is : Monday 10th May 2021 on #debconf-team irc, we are on the oftc [3] network.

Full details on how to get involved are on the website [1a] contact page.


1 Debconf 2021 Website 1a Contact info 2 Mailing list sign up 3 OFTC IRC 4 Poster (work in progress 5 Salsa Gitlab




The Mailing list sign up page has a sign up form, however you can just send a message to the e-mail address given to request more information, you need to ask for replies to be cc'd to you.

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