Cyber Security resources

Another really useful resource that was posted to Mastodon. I am sharing here on my blog for reach. This also ties in nicely with my attempt at creating a series on cybersecurity, the link to the bash videos can be found here

26 cybersecurity YouTube channels:

  1. Infosec Institute — Cybersecurity awareness.

  1. Black Hat — Technical cybersecurity conferences.

  1. Bugcrowd — Bug bounty methodology and interviews.

  1. InfoSec Live — Everything from tutorials to interviews.

  1. David Bombal — Everything cybersecurity related.

  1. Nahamsec — Educational hacking and bug bounty videos.

  1. Computerphile — Covers basic concepts and techniques.

  1. InsiderPHD — How to get started with bug bounty hunting.

  1. Security Weekly — Interviews with cybersecurity figures.

  1. John Hammond — Malware analysis, programming, and careers.

  1. Peter Yaworski — Web-application hacking tips and interviews.

  1. IppSec — Labs and capture-the-flag tutorials, HackTheBox etc.

  1. 13Cubed — Videos on tools, forensics, and incident response.

  1. HackerSploit — Penetration testing, web-application hacking.

  1. STÖK — Videos on tools, vulnerability analysis, and methodology.

  1. Security Now — Cybercrime news, hacking and web-application security.

  1. LiveOverflow — Involves hacking, write-up videos, and capture-the-flags.

  1. The Cyber Mentor — Ethical hacking, web-application hacking, and tools.

  1. Joe Collins — Everything Linux related, including tutorials and guides.

  1. Null Byte — Cybersecurity for ethical hackers, and computer scientists.

  1. The PC Security Channel — Windows security, malware news, and tutorials.

  1. Simply Cyber — Helps people with cybersecurity career development.

  1. Network Chuck — Everything related to network and cybersecurity.

  1. BlackPerl — Malware analysis, forensics and incident response.

  1. Professor Messer — Guides covering certifications.

  1. Hak5 — General cybersecurity coverage.



May be worth following on Mastodon too.



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