Code Clubs in Torbay

I have been running a Code Club, for several years. When this first started up, it was run by a teacher, who saw the young people attending were quite proficient, so allowed them to do their own projects and supported this.

Since I took over, this has pretty much carried on. New users now have access to a wider range of activities, we can use the code club materials as either activities or reference guides to help with other projects.

I think there is a real opportunity for Torbay and we NEED more Coding clubs in Schools.

For this to happen, there needs to be three things.

  1. Venue
  2. Learners
  3. Volunteers to run the sessions

If any schools are interested, please go to the Code Club and sign up your school and flag you are looking for volunteers, you may want to chat to the pupils about this first to get a group who are interested.

As code club requires working with children and young people, then DBS checks are required in the UK. Schools can either find staff to run the club or contact Graphic Science who are coordinating the Ambassador programme in the South West.

Potential volunteers can also contact the above to sign up, complete the sign up process and then sign up to the code club website and find a school to help at.

Lets get Torbay coding

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