Code Club 21/1/2023

Paignton Library code club seems to be picking up nicely, we are slowly starting to move away from Scratch on to text based programming which is really good. I have now updated the links list to reflect what we are starting to use.

The core code club activities are still available. If you have been Scratch or other block based coding for a while then you may want to start looking at the next stage. which could be useful if starting with the Rasperry Pi.

I have included a link to the GNU/Linux command line BASH shell tutorials,

If you would like to start undertaking more with Python, we have 4 copies of the Python for beginners book on the shelf, and there is a copy in the Library which can be borrowed. The Pis and laptops / netbooks do have Python installed. But it may just be easier to get a account

Going further, the two laptops I gave out on the 7th have the GoDot game engine installed, this is for creating more advanced games, the main language for this is GD Script.

There are also some contests you can get involved with, some of these are listed below.


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