Code Club 17/12/2022

The next Code Club session is on Saturday 17th December. We will have the usual mix of stuff, and hopefully welcome some new attendees.

We now have extra cables for the Micro:bits and can also make more use of the Raspberry Pi's.



Code Club Links

Coming up

Hopefully by the 17th they will have the registration form available.

There is also Youth Hacking 4 freedom however you have until 31st December 2022 to sign up, so if you are interested please do so ASAP.

Just found GCHQ christmas contest details will be available from the 7th December. Download and info page

Young coders contest

There is a young coders contest coming up in 2023, that runs from January to May. The video below is from the 2022 contest

Please contact Paignton Library for details on code club, for the above contests I will try and get more details before the 17th.



Happy to discuss further on Mastodon feel free to sign up and connect, my id is others that don't respect user freedom / privacy.

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