BigBlueButton 2.5.0-beta.1 released!

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We are pleased to announce BigBlueButton 2.5.0-beta.1!

This beta iteration of BigBlueButton 2.5 includes some packaging and configuration improvements and several fixes. It also includes an upgrade of Tomcat to mitigate any danger of Spring Framework Remote Code Execution (CVE-2022-22965) by upgrading Tomcat**

Note that BBB 2.3.x and BBB 2.4.x (the maintained versions) are safe, see #14719

At this point we're “feature complete” for BBB 2.5.x Switching to “beta” to iterate with increased focus on testing and clean up bugs. Development is moved on to the next release, BBB 2.6, with pull requests targeting branch 'develop' until we branch out into 'v2.6.x-release' when it's time for 2.6.0-alpha.1

Note that it runs on Ubuntu Focal (20.04). If you have a BigBlueButton version earlier than alpha.5, please check the alpha.5 release notes as they contain imporant information on upgrading.

The full release notes can be found on

To try out 2.5.0-beta.1, visit *



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