Artemis 1 – Mission part 2

If all goes well, NASAs Artemis SLS will launch tomorrow (Monday) and start a new era in the human quest to explore the Moon, Mars and eventually beyond.

NASA is heading back to the Moon, Artemis 1 is the unmanned test mission which if all goes well will lead in to further missions over the next few years.

According to the schedule coverage starts at 12:00 am (morning) on Monday eastern time which would make it about 5am UK time (assuming EST is UK time – 5).

As full coverage starts at 6:30 a.m Eastern time, this would make it 11 am UK time so late morning (ish). The best way to ensure you catch the launch is to check out the social media / website and youtube channels which are linked to from the above schedule page.

Please take timings etc from the NASA website and NOT from this blog. I am not responsible for you missing anything.






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