Arduino LCD display for Tinkerers

At the first Tinkerers meeting, I will be demonstrating a simple Arduino UNO connected to a 16x2 LCD and set up to print a message

I have previously made a board with the LCD soldered up with right angle pin headers and also added a Potentiometer, (to control the LCD) this makes it much easier to wire up to an Arduino. As most of the work is done. I made the board using a prototyping board that is in the same layout as a standard size breadboard and soldered the required components on. The advantage with this is that if I wanted to connect to a Raspberry Pi, it should be a case of replacing the M/F Dupont wires with F/F Dupont wires.

So using instructions here which also includes how to connect everything up.

A few photos of the project.

lcd project

This is my soldered up display board, with potentiometer and pin headers. Makes it easier to wire up.

lcd project

The LCD showing a message for the Tinkerers group

lcd project

Finally the Arduino UNO used to run the code to control the LCD.

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