20.04.2 LTS

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Lubuntu 20.04.2, has been relesed, this is the lastest of the LTS (Long Term Support) updates for the system. You can find more info on the blog page.

Lubuntu is a derivative of the Ubuntu Operating system which in turn is built on Debian. Links in the list below.

Lubuntu is great for both low and high specification systems, and can help bring new life to old hardware, which given the number of people without devices could be a really effective way to help bridge the digital divide.

Organizations such as the good thing foundation help to build digital skills, sadly this does not cover fully free and open source software, let alone decentralized social media networks such as Mastodon.

There is no reason why LibreOffice can't be taught and promoted along side MS Office.

The more people to ASK for support with things like Lubuntu etc they will hopefully eventually provide the choice and associated support for alternatives.




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