STEM Group 24th February 2024 Write Up

Today we had an update from Helen with her Advanced Lego car, this is going really well and can find objects and now turns to avoid them. It can also display information on orientation on a small LCD.

feb 24th

After giving the hot glue gun a quick clean and repair. This photo is posed as the glue gun is still plugged in.

feb 24th

We carried on with building the cars, we have been trying to build for the last few sessions. The main issue is lack of suitable resources and having to use bottle tops for wheels, kebab sticks for axels and then trying to fit it all together, when we also have either faulty or unsuitable switches, some don't work properly,, and along with motors have been soldered up too many times.

feb 24th

I also checked on my Copper Sulfate crystals I started last week, the liquid has now evaporated leaving some crystals in the dish, not ideal, but I need a much better way to do all this.

feb 24th

Next event

Saturday 9th March 2024