Datafication and the future of human rights

What a datafied worldview means for human rights

何謂” datafication” ? > datafication is a process whereby a series of characteristics are identified as relevant and then synthesized and translated into a structured format to enable downstream tabulations, classifications, analysis, and actions. >“Datafication is changing the way people interact with their surrounding space, and with each other,”

乍看 datafication 以為是什麼很厲害的新辭語,但稍瞄過作者的解釋,其實不過是用”一個生字”來描述越來越多的數據化社會現象,其發生在個別私人領域例如健康資料的收集、在公共空間諸如智慧城市的建設.......


Datafication 2030

第一張圖,第一種情況是 Corporatized datafication(第二象限);第二種則是 Loose datafication (第四象限)。下圖則是依水平軸價值取向與垂直軸人權兩大指標所畫分出的四類象限說明。*不明白為何本報告中只給予這兩種狀況進一步的闡述說明*