Wednesday, November 23, 2095

11:28 pm

Kartus, Albarut on planet Fourth in the Praxia System near the Yuhu River in a nondescript industrial warehouse area

WU: [trailing Red] Do you see it?

RP: Cap, we're definitely lost. Can we call the girls and ask for help?

WU: I'm one hundred percent not asking my navi for help.

[a pair of shrieking Potagee Rats scamper from around the corner in front of them, past them]

WU: Aww hell, no. That is not a good sign, Red. I think we should turn back.

RP: C'mon Cap, isn't this fun? Besides, we kind of need that FP-6200 back or we can't get off this planet.

WU: You know, I think we can stay another night. Come back here in the day, whatta you say?

RP: We're running on battery backup. We wait until tomorrow and we ain't getting hot showers or cooking.

WU: I can live with that.

[deep bass horn blasts, echoing like a trumpet opening the bowels of Hell]

WU: [makes quick u-turn] That's it. We're definitely settling for cold showers tomorrow.

RP: [following behind] Warui, that's a shofar.

WU: Exactly. Time to get out of here.

RP: But, that's not...

WU: Hurry up will ya? I'm not getting caught by no Devil and hell if I'm rescuing you.

RP: But, that's...

WU: [hops into microship rental] You coming?

RP: ...Yeah sure.

[drives away, post haste, while two upright Cappipartyas appear around the corner]

JP: Did you chase them away?

HP: Yep. Damn Potagee Rats. Betcha that scared them away. What time did you say the FP-6200 was supposed to be picked up?

JP: Half an hour ago.

HP: I bet they got lost.

JP: Yep.

— The Warubozu Usagi