A basic primer

What is the Black Flea?

The Black Flea is a converted science vessel spaceship, modded for space living. It has multiple fusion drives for the purposes of traveling via wormhole. The Baby Black Flea is a microship they purchased to travel around a planet. The captain of the Black Flea is Warubozu Usagi. The navigator is Syvil. Shoko Matte is an all-around scientist. The general mechanic is Red Panda. Their dog is Merica. The crew and their dog are all living inside of robotic “hafu” shells, where their brains are intact but everything else is robotic and lifelike.

About the crew

Warubozu Usagi (aka Cap, Wu-chan, Warui), uses a male rabbit anime chibi shell. Syvil (aka Teddi, Si-chan, Navi), uses a female teddybear anime chibi shell. Red Panda (aka Red, RP, Racco, Red-kun), uses a male raccoon dog anime chibi shell. Shoko Matte (aka Shoko, Sho-san), uses a female rabbit anime chibi shell. Merica (aka Meri, Mei-chan, Good Girl) is a real dog, but uses a female dog anime chibi shell coddled together by Syvil, Red, and Shoko, after Syvil and Shoko found her as a sick, stray puppy on a planet.

What do they do for a living?

On the books, they're a bunch of lazy bums living the spacelife, exploring the vast galaxy. Off the books, they pick up a lot of odd jobs primarily smuggling and transporting goods.

Why is the date exactly 73 years into the future?

Shoko, being very skilled in quantum physics (among other things) created a quantum time communication device based on her breakthrough research of Quantum Time Entanglement. She bet that she could sync it exactly 73 years into the past, with an existing quantum computer, knowing where and when it was.

Do you get to communicate back to them?

No. The ability to transmit messages using quantum mechanics through time has not yet been discovered. Receiving messages requires only that a quantum computer exist and its precise time and location are known. Technically, Shoko couldn't possibly know whether or not we received her transmission, except for the fact that she saw an old report in an obscure publication that noted a string of odd qubits in mid-2022.

Okay, but what's the story?

There is no story. These are the “daily” transmissions received from the Black Flea. Sometimes they're too busy having fun or nothing's going on so they don't bother to transmit anything.

But it seems like there's a plot, yes?

No. Wu-chan called himself Warubozu Usagi because he likes to get into trouble. As such, we frequently find him and his friends in trouble. Warubozu is a local (Hawaii) derivative of the Japanese word, Warui (his nickname, used almost exclusively by Syvil), meaning bad/naughty.

Why do some posts come in late?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of error correction required when transmitting qubits, especially when there is interference. The error correction subroutine (created by Shoko) requires that the transmission stalls until the next qubit can be correctly received and sometimes it will take hours.