Tuesday, November 22, 2095

10:05 pm

Chokat, Albarut on planet Fourth in the Praxia System, in the “food” district

S: [munching on carrot cake] Bleh. This is the worst carrot cake in the universe.

SM: That's because you're not eating carrot cake.

S: But the nice old lady said it was “carrot” cake.

SM: She said “Karit”, as in Karitworm.

S: [in shock, gagging] I fucking ate worms?!?

SM: You didn't like it? It's supposed to be sweet.

S: Does it matter? IT WAS WORMS, Shoko!

SM: [takes a bite, munches it down and swallows] Mmm. A little umami, a lot of ooh-my, sweet-so-good! Yum!

S: ...

SM: [pulls up visual search on her heads-up display] Ahh, here we go. Check it out. Karitworms. A gelatinous parasitic symbiote. Hairs are actually exoskeleton feelers. Delicacy and all.

S: ...

SM: Oh, it says not to touch it when it's alive. Those hairs are razor sharp.

S: [dropped jaw] I am never eating anything but ramen from now on.

SM: Ooh, they sell Karit ramen four stalls down!

— The Warubozu Usagi