Sunday, November 20, 2095

11:56 pm

On the fourth planet in the Praxia System

WU: Whew, that was a close call.

S: And whose fault was that?

WU: Hey now, landing a ship takes a crew. No one person is to blame, and anyway...

S: [eye roll] Oh sure. No one's to blame when it's your fault.

RP: Soooo, captain, is it the “crew's” fault for the blown FP-6200?

WU: Red, shut it.

S: Don't talk to him like that.

RP: What she said.

S: The “crew” ain't paying to fix the power generator. [points finger] That's coming out of your pocket.

WU: Again, I'm the captain and what I say is the final rule on this ship.

S: Oh, is it “our” ship, now?

WU: Well, no. Well, you're all very much loved. You know, I need you all and everything. But, I mean, I paid for the ship and I'm paying you — well most of you, anyway — wages. And I procured this myself.

RP: So...your ship, your problem!

WU: Shimatta! %!%$?%@! [pointing fingers] Temae....!

RP: ...

S: ...

— The Warubozu Usagi