Saturday, January 21, 2096

1:05 pm

Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

After giving up the dream of a homestead along a lake near Mount Fuji, Wu-chan has convinced the team to fly their microship to Shirakawa-go and stick around for the weekend.

S: (ecstatic) Now this place, I could see living part of the year!

RP: Yeah, I like the rural mountain vibe here. No crime, air smells good, and the ancient architecture. Although, isn't it weird that almost everyone in this village is a synther?

SM: These rural agriculture village were some of the earliest to change over to non-human populations as Japan's demographics crashed.

WU: Do you think these synthers were modified to be especially patient and kind, on account of Shirakawa being a touristy heritage site?

S: Warui, do not push their buttons!

WU: What button? They're full synthers.

S: (unamused) You know what I mean. If you get arrested, we're leaving you here.

Wu-chan walks slyly behind an obaachan and makes a gesture towards the crew. Red is trying to hold in his laughter but Shoko and Syvil are desperately gesturing back to Wu-chan to stop.

WU: (making a funnel with his hands) Phhhhppt!

Red breaks down and starts rolling on the ground laughing. Shoko and Syvil are frozen in horror.

WU: (pretending to be surprised) Obaasan!

Grandma: (slowly turning around) Nani?

WU: (faking shocked expression) Kusai!

Grandma: (suddenly transforms into police officer and grows 2 feet) Nani?!?

WU: (freaked out) No, no no! Gomen nasai! It was me!

Grandma: URUSAI!

Syvil and Shoko join Red rolling around on the ground laughing.

Wu-chan quickly retreats back the the group.

WU: Oh man, we can't possibly live here.

S: We are definitely finding a place to buy here!

— The Warubozu Usagi