Monday, November 21, 2095

6:30 am

Still on the fourth planet in the Praxia System, 45 minutes after the wake-up alarm has gone off

WU: [opens one eye, looks at window and slams the snooze button] Shineeee!

15 minutes later, alarm goes off again

WU: What the hell?! [gets up, goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror] Ugh. Why do I always look like kuso.

S: [Entering Cap's quarters] Geez, you look like shit.

WU: [glaring back]...

S: And now you look like angry shit.

WU: How can it be morning already? I just went to sleep!

S: Cap, when we landed in Albarut, it was just before midnight on the ship but 6:30 am in Albarut. Didn't you notice the automatic time change in the ship's clocks?

WU: [glaring through crusty eyes] What do you want? Did anyone make something to eat?

S: Yeah. We had pancakes but it's all gone. Here's an apple for you. [tosses apple at Cap, hits Cap, falls to the ground with Cap staring at it]

WU: Syvil, I need you to come with me and find a mechanic.

S: Is that all? You can drag Red while Shoko and I go have some fun.

WU: ...

S: ...

RP: [pops his head into Cap's quarters] Cap, I'll go with you! Don't need to ask twice!

WU: [unamused] I didn't even ask once.

RP: Perfect! Ikimashouuuuuu!

— The Warubozu Usagi