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What is an Architectural Essay and Why Should You Choose It Over Other Writing Techniques? The architectural essay is a form of writing that is centered around the construction and design of buildings. Different from other writing techniques such as personal essays, literary essays, cover letters, and academic essays, the architectural essay has a clear point of view. It doesn't describe every detail about every building. Instead, it focuses on one building with a specific style or in which architecture type it belongs to. In this style of writing, you should have a specific idea so that readers can have an idea what you are talking about before they start reading your work. How to Choose the Right Architectural Templates for Your Project Architectural templates offer a great way to save time and creative energy when designing your website. They also provide a foundation for your website design, as well as a lot of code-free content. In this article, we will cover some of the most common architectural templates you might find in today’s market place. We’ll talk about the benefits that they can bring to your business, the types of architecture you should look for and finally, we'll go over some of the best practices for picking an architect template. A little bit about this article: This is one in a series on how to choose WordPress architectural templates with various themes from Genesis Theme Framework (a premium WordPress theme). How to Write Your Architectural Article With the Right Template There is no template that can be used for all types of architectural articles. However, most architecture articles do follow a few common patterns. To find the right template for your article, review how other architectural articles are written and what you are hoping to achieve with your article. Focusing too much on using a template can result in an article that lacks creativity and authenticity. It's important to understand what type of content your readers expect when they come across an article like yours. This will help you refine the focus of your article and give it its own unique voice. When you are writing an architectural article, it's important to use keywords throughout your content so that people searching for specific topics have the opportunity to find it easily through search engines. Tips for Writing a Great Architecture Article with Best Templates There are lots of templates that will help you write a good architecture article. You can choose from the following templates depending on your project type and the quality of your content. If you're looking for an architecture article template for a company blog, use article intro template with a call to action at the end. If you want to write a great introductory blog post about an upcoming event, use our event intro template. If you need to write an article about architectural design, we suggest using our clear design template and start with labeling the key terms like “Bridging Versus Segregating” or something like that.