Updates 20th June 2020

So a few updates. I have been working to add more topic content to the Discourse STEM forum linked to the Qoto Mastodon instance I am on.

This has gone well, I have also started to tidy a few of the topics up, so adding nicer headers, titles etc.

More work on the OU / Open Learn course I am working through, In the Night Sky : Orion. This is going well now about ½ way through week 3. Just completed the Galaxy Zoo activity.

If you join the Qoto Instance, then you can also ask about the STEM forum on discourse.

Finally found an updated Standard Model table, I found this via a DDG search. As it turns out it's on Wikipedia but hidden, as the Standard Model page still shows a shorter version of the table, which, to be fair fits nicely.

Also wrote a drake equation calculator, partly for my own use, to experiment with different values. Again see the Discourse forum for more information. I did ask for some help on Science Forums with this, which was mostly to double check I had the right idea for multiplying the values together.

Added some more to the Chemistry Molymod section to include links to a few basic hydrocarbons that can be built.

So lots going on and quite a few posts to Mastodon linking to recent science discoveries, so some of the content is cutting edge and will hopefully spark some good discussions.

In the meantime, I found an interesting youtube video on Wormholes.

I can be contacted on Mastodon here.

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