PDF to PNG conversion

If you have a single or multiple page pdf file, you may,want to share a page on a website or on social media. If you can't upload the pdf directly or need to upload in a graphics format. This how_to will explain how to export a page in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

Firstly the steps were undertaken using:-

Step 1:

The first step is to Open the PDF file in Gimp.

open pdf in gimp

Step 2

The next step is to choose the page of the PDF file you wish to import.

Select Page

Step 2a

You will now see the page has been imported in to Gimp

Page imported

Step 3

Now go to File —> Export As

Export As As

Step 4

You then see the file type box.

file type

Step 4a

From here, delete the extension from the file name (as in the .png part) at the top, then select png from the select file type list at the bottom.

File type 2

Make sure the file type is selected

Select Export (bottom right

If you don't get any errors you should get the box below

Step 5

Export Options

I didn't want to set any options here so just went ahead and selected Export

After which the newly created png file is displayed

png file displayed

You can now go back and select other pages to export.

Hopefully this How_to is useful.

Thank you to Andrew at Boost Torbay for suggesting I use gimp or Photoshop to do this.

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