More C&C Red alert.

Playing more C&C, I am beginning to wonder if having a computer controlled ally is worth the effort.

don't help

In this case, I am on the right hand side, the computer is the yellow colour on the left, I am being attacked by the blue units streaming down from the north.

The computer is quick enough to attack the enemy base / units. This results in a counter attack, or rather in this case a counter attack against me. The computer ally just sat there, did nothing despite having lots of units, as depicted in the screenshot.

It is worth noting that the computer MCV has been destroyed, which is the computers fault for placing said unit where it is, building other stuff below and not actually putting any sort of defensive units e.g tanks, rocket launchers, pill boxes, turrets) to help defend.

The result is my base, got a huge hammering.

I have played as 1 player against multiple opponents and still won. First rule is NOT to provoke the opponents, if they attack first counter attack, esp if harvester units are attacked.

By attacking, you also give away your location, so carefully explore your location, leave a few troops on bridges or in gaps, this will alert you to any problems on the map.

I may need to change my strategy with regards to computer controlled allies.