E-Learning forum

As mentioned on the 11th June I have quit a few forums, namely Computing at School and I have also now deleted my e-learning forum from Torbay Together.

Since then I have been on Mastodon. The instance I am on qoto.org has a strong STEM focus.

So will therefore concentrate efforts there.

Topic areas on the forum so far are:

The forum links to learning opportunities, which can either be fun / recreation or for academic qualifications.

The level of discussion will reflect the people who are there. Right now there are a few links to cutting edge Science, Cosmology and information on writing science / academic reports and papers. As well as links to where these academic / science / research papers are published.

Life long learning is encouraged.

If you're interested in a topic then there is no reason not to pursue it further, it is just nice to have others to share your experiences with, or just debate topics with like minded STEM enthusiasts.

In the first instance please join the social Mastodon instance, which has a free, simple sign up process at

You can ask about joining the Discourse forum.

Note : I have NO intention on running things on Facebook so please DO NOT waste your time or my time asking.