Command line system


A few years ago, I tried to see if I could run purely from the command line, at the time I hit a few roadblocks and the project went stale.


Fast forward to December 2020, and I tried again, Debian can be installed as a cli system, however due to the need for closed source drivers for hardware, mostly the wifi and networking issues, this didn't go as expected.


I then tried to use Raspbian Desktop OS, this worked fine, it is easy to install on a netbook, which was the target system, so I used a spare netbook, and installed, set the system up to boot in to the cli.


I have also upgraded the RAM to 2GB, this just improves the performance of the graphical interface, but given that editors such as joe run really nicely on 8mb RAM.


I now have a system that boots in to the console login, from there I can login and importantly the wifi 'just works' as does the wired networking. If I need to drop in to the GUI, then it is a case of just typing startx at the bash prompt.


I then set about installing some useful tools such as the joe text editor, midnight commander, battery monitor (yacpi), an irc client, LaTeX for typesetting documents as well as Lynx which is a console based web browser.


The idea of this, is to figure out how much I can actually, do without using a graphical interface. LaTeX is very powerful so I can download my CV / Cover letter documents and edit from the command line, however it may be more useful for typing reports, and newsletters etc.

If I am out and about, I can fire up a console based system, I need to make sure all my LaTeX templates or source documents are available too, keep working.

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