A week of LaTeX related activities

Last weekend July 24-26, 2020, saw this years TUG conference go virtual. This was great for those of us who can't normally attend these sorts of events.

A good few interesting and useful talks. I didn't attend all of them, but the ones I did included:

As the videos are going to be put online, I will catch up lter. Joseph Wright's talk on LearnLaTeX is interesting too.

Following this, on Thrusday 30th July I attended the webinar on “How to Create Professional Looking Documents In-House”. This was interesting but a little bit beyond my use case.

However it did demonstrate what Overleaf is capable of, so something I would recommend to others.

The webinar also refereed to the Jupyter editor which again looks interesting. The Overleaf webinar, will be available online soon.

In all an interesting week, I need to catch up on the talks, I have downloaded the pdf on LaTeX packages, as I took notes so now have a nice list of useful packages that can serve quite a few use cases when creating documents.