wpa_cli utility

One of the projects I have built is Minetest server. As I didn't need a graphical user interface for this, I just used the lite version of the Raspbian operating system.

As a result, there is no nice graphical help to help users connect to Wi-Fi or other networks

The wpa_cli command utility helps to connect to a wifi network from the command line, taking information such as SSID and passphrase and connecting to the required network.

Once installed you can run wpa_cli and it will go through the connection process.

There are some instructions here that should work, but it depends on your individual usage needs.

At the library, there is a need to connect via a captive portal, so this method may not be suitable, but for other networks it should be fine, one of the reasons I want to get something up that can provide a local network for playing games, where an internet connection isn't required.