STEM Group update 2

So, to update from the previous post on this. It looks like due to

Paignton library is going to have to close the event down for now. Something may start up to replace this in the future, my involvement will be determined at the time it is started up by the library.

If you are a young person, then I would suggest the closest event is Exeter Pi Jam. Some of the adult attendees from the STEM event are starting up an adult only Tinkerers group so we can keep meeting up going forward. The website for this is work in progress.

I am not sure what else is in Torbay. I have reached out to Imagine this to try and see if there is anything out there.

It is a shame we can't carry on, I suspect we can still meet up on May 11th, then not after that. There needs to be more groups like this to support people, and the venues need proper funding to support such events.