STEM Group, 27th April 2024 Write Up

The session today was fairly busy, we had a problem with the projector so we were unable to do one of the presentations, so we started to run through Helen's presentation.

We then had Everton arrive and Helen started to discuss Computer aided design, with FreeCAD then Vance joined us and went into a little more detail. We have now all swapped contact details in order to keep in touch with Everyone and assist further. This was a productive discussion.

Vance also demonstrated his mini robot.


Elsewhere, I tried to demonstrate my minetest server but was unable to obtain an IP address from the 3com switch unit we have, so that was abandoned. Works fine from home.


This also runs the following script at start up, which among other things tells me the IP address.

clear # clear screen
#display tux welcome message
display some useful information
echo "To run configuration enter: sudo raspi-config"
echo "Default text editor nano"
echo "edit .bashrc to edit startup software"
echo "Use sudo apt install <package> to add software or search to search"
echo "use minetest --server to start minetest server"
echo "computer ip address":
hostname -I # displays ip4 and ip6 ip address

This is called up via .bashrc, (just add to the end of the .bashrc content so that it runs on login, it can also be run with the command:-

source .bashrc

You do need to make it executable with

chmod +x

We even tried a wifi extender


Part the issue here is to use the wifi we need a browser to go via a captive portal, this is not possible on a computer without a GUI and a browser, neither of which are needed for a headless minetest server (or servery in general); I don't have the networking skills to set things up or diagnose the issue.

I know it is possible to set up a pi as a hotspot, but I think this also needs a wired connection, so the Wi-Fi can relay the signal. As the network sockets are locked down, we are limited as to what we are able to do, so just try and do what we can.

We have also set up a Pi to auto login,(which the above server also does) had a look at another pi running Kano OS.


Android which was also downloaded, and we tried to make a boot image for but that didn't work, so will probably try again later.

Markus has a blue case for one of the pi's along with a pi screen.


We hopefully have some potential new attendees staring next time, we had confirmation from the library we can still run the STEM group, but we do need to have a structured element to the sessions. Hopefully the STEM ambassadors, the library has contacted, will get back.

The next Stem group event will take place on :

Date: Saturday, May 11th 2024 Time: 10:30am to 15:00 Location: Paignton Library and Information Centre Room: 13 & IT Learning Centre

What is planned?