Pokemon editors

At the Stem group on Saturday 14th Jan 2023 we were trying to get a Pokemon sprite editor working under Xebian Linux.

The statement below is my own interpretation of the issue at hand

As this is a MS Windows program, One solution is to try to use WIne (WIne is not an emulator) which is a Windows compatibility layer. The problem at present is we are missing wine mono.

Xebian is based on Debian Sid, this comes with (or seems to) Wine 8. There seems to be specific wine mono packages for this, so Wine version X has a corresponding Winemono package version.

It appears however that from digging around then there is not a version of winemono available for wine 8 as yet. I found a list wine versions and their corresponding wine mono versions, wine 8 is NOT listed yet.

There is info on the Wine 7.6 release here

I have found a how to fix video here, which may or may not be helpful given the above versioning but it may be helpful later

I am reluctant to start downloading and installing anything from other than normal .deb packages, we are storing problems for later. As apt is really good at keeping things maintained as long as apt actually installed it (or this is how I see things)

Installing other stuff is at our own risk, the support teams may not help us ( fully understandable ) .

Even downloading .deb packages and using dpkg comes with risk, I do admit doing this with LibreOffice.

So lets not install software that isn't within the normal system structure.

So for the time being, As these pokemon editors are windows only and should be run on Windows, we are working on installing windows on a laptop for use at the STEM Group.

Once wine IS working programs may or may not run, this is fine as we know that a working wine is part of the system and not added manually.

Note if your debian system using package 7.0 and you download 7.2 from a tar.gz similar archive and install, Then the package deb is updated to 7.2, You may get issues unless you remove the old one first.

We have Godot on the laptop, which is a FULL game development package so there would be a sprite editor in that.

Hopefully we can get this software working under windows. However there no guarantee that anything created in that, can just be dropped in to Godot anyway.