I have now set up a Minetest server on a Raspberry Pi. This works and I am able to ssh in to the Pi and start remotely.


I have also set up a 3.5” Pi screen, set the pi to auto login and display the IP address(s) of the Pi. I followed some of the instructions at [2],[3] to set up the screen but didn't need the sections for setting up the gui.

The next step is to set up a router so try and provide an internal network at the library for playing minetest. I followed so

  1. Minetest
  2. 3.5 Inch RPi Display Touch – XPT2046 (480x320) Guide – Raspberry Pi Forums part 1
  3. pi 3 – What have you done to make generic TFT touchscreen display work? – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange part 2

Should be able to bring some of this to the STEM Group on Saturday and probably need help setting up the router to provide a simple LAN.