Home Chemistry 10 – Alcohols Part 2

So further to the previous post. We tried this at the STEM group on 11/2/2023.

So using :

We had to weigh the sugar, a measuring cylinder was used to measure out the water. Yeast comes in 7g packets, so 3 are needed, in fact this dictated how much of the other ingredients were used. These ingredients are in a 1:1:1 ratio in a 250ml conical flash. We could see / hear the bubbles which showed the reaction was taking place.

After about 2 hours the result looked like this

Fermentation 2

The reaction can be written down as

Glucose/sugar + Water (in presence of enzyme yeast) = Ethanol + Carbon Dioxide

$\ce{C6H12O6 + Yeast + H2O –> 2C2H5OH + 2CO2}$

I have left this securely at the library and will check on it during the week. We can take a look at Code Club on Saturday,

Please note: This activity is NOT designed to teach anyone how to make Alcohol, it is designed to demonstrate the chemical processes involved in fermentation.

Ethanol, can of course be used in other experiments.