We are a bring your own projects group. As a result we have space for you to work on your own projects.

You are welcome to bring laptops to carry on working on Code Club related activities or we can try and supply a laptop that will be Running Debian and NOT WINDOWS.

Paignton Library room 12 has :-

Some ideas :-

Note Some activities will need to be planned and prepared in advance, for example preparation of solutions, materials etc. Other activities take time e.g Crystal growing so my span multiple sessions.


Completed * Sand Box Craters – August (done) * Bubbles – August** Planned (September * Bicarbonate of Soda & Vinegar – reactions, air pressure and cold packs. – September. Future * Investigating Acids and Alkalis using Red Cabbage indicator and universal indicator paper * Fruit Batteries * Electroplating * Coins / metals in Acids * Creating accurate concentration of solutions * Crystal Growing Use of USB microscope to examine crystals
* Reactions and reactivity * Displacement reactions * Building molecular structure models * ICE and Salt * Iron from Cornflakes * Other experiments as found in Chemistry books or the Future Genius – Chemistry book



STEM kits

As the primary aim is to bring your own projects. I have some of my own ideas, mostly around chemistry, I would like to start working on.