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sloterman When we talk about bonuses, we also mean attractive deposit and withdrawal options. Among all the payment methods available to players, there are those that are worth the money, with higher withdrawal limits and faster transactions This is the case with the e-wallet, which is very popular among gamers. And since we are in the category of payment methods, we can point out that cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or Ethereum) are prohibited in France, as they are considered too dangerous. Esports is still not well known to the general French public. These video game competitions are popular all over the world and leagues are held regularly. If ARJEL does not yet have an operator approved for this type of game, it will be shortly before. At the moment, the rates are just fictitious. Are you into esports? This is a video game competition that is becoming more and more popular all over the world. A true international phenomenon, professional players compete behind their own screens in the hope of winning. We hear more and more about it, especially in regards to FIFA, League of Legends or Counter Strike. In many countries, bookmakers see esports as a thriving business, so video game fans expect to be able to bet on it. However, there is currently no authorized ARJEL operator in France. After all, esports is not recognized as a sport in our country, and therefore betting is prohibited. However, it's just that France became the champion of esports events, arriving much earlier than the US. On April 14 this year, France won the first edition of the FIFA eNations Cup in London by beating Argentina. It also organizes ESWC (Electronics Sports World Convention) – a major event in the world of video games, which brings together 53 states from around the world. To remedy this shortcoming in France, Parions eSport is now offering fictitious esports betting as it is not possible to wager with real money. In this way, Italian players can score points and reach the top of the rankings. Winners are rewarded with gifts featuring team images, such as caps, t-shirts, mugs, mugs, backpacks, key chains and more. Good news for players: The 2019 World Cup will take place in Paris at the AccorHotels Arena de Bercy in November. 60 million people are expected to follow the game at this event. Therefore, we can be optimistic about the future of esports in France and the possibilities of real money betting. Especially since other neighboring countries have adopted e-sports betting. Still want to try to win money? No problem, many foreign sites offer this sport and you can bet outside of ARJEL without worrying about it being illegal. In this case, the establishment, which accepts Italian players, is to blame. ARJEL online casinos have enjoyed great success since the beginning of 2010 because the establishments have been able to adapt to the demand. Horse racing, with its outdated image, is also getting back on track. In addition to the game itself, players are attracted by everything that happens around it. Then we think about site ergonomics, mobile access, and promotions offered that are responsible for this significant traffic. The ability to play on your phone is something that gamers especially look for and appreciate, both in transport and in other places. Internet TV is also an added benefit, allowing you to watch games or races via streaming. And when you come across the promotions section, you will surely think that you need to try it. The bonus that gets all the votes is, of course, the welcome bonus. Whether he works at ARJEL online casino or not, he knows how to draw a crowd. There are a few. Depending on the site, you can choose between the first losing bet paid out directly in cash, the one offered as free bets, the one that comes in stages, or the one that allows you to discover other types of ARJEL games. Then many other offers, especially at sporting events. Thus, the distribution of bonuses is an integral part of the game and represents the majority of the money or bonuses in circulation. And it can vary from year to year, with an increase of 60% depending on sporting events.