Sigrid Luthgard “Sig”, “Crone's Cleric Luthgard” (she/they)

Level 1 Cleric // Healing & Restoration Domain Petition: Gaining Secrets Racial Move: When you commune, you are granted a special version of Words of the Unspeaking as a rote which only works on stone. HP 8+CON // 1d6 dmg // Load: 10+STR Armor: Chainmail (1 armor, 1 wt) Wields: a ceremonial mace, solid iron with brass and silver accents. Carries: adventuring gear, dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 wt) Alignment: Good — Endanger yourself to heal another.

A dwarven individual in their late twenties. Long dreadlocks with the upper half in a folded ponytail, deep brown skin, dark eyes, square jaw and wide features. Tall for a dwarf. Broad-bodied, fat and muscular.

Generally good-tempered and optimistic, Sigrid is at their most frustrated when they are unable to help someone in trouble. They have insecurities about their ability to fill the shoes of their predecessor, not in ability or power, but mostly in social obligation. They are an introvert who prefers sparse, trusted company over crowds and parties. While she can become attracted to people, typically relationships are much further from her mind than the issues of her position.

Sigrid wears a dark green tunic which splits at the thigh and extends to the calf, with bunched half-sleeves and a loose cowl. Over this is a chainmail shirt covering her hips and upper thighs, held in place by a thick leather pocket belt. The chainmail is covered by a tabard in the same green as the tunic, with subtle gold and blue embroideries of natural motifs. Her armor pieces are textured to seem stonelike. They look old but well-cared-for. She wears brown leather fingerless gauntlets, soft brown leather boots with hidden plating, and black cotton leggings under her tunic. Their ears are pierced with many small silver hoops and studs; they also wear a single nostril stud and a labret.

BONDS: 1. 2. 3. 4.


The dwarves have a god for everything. The god of medicine and restorative magic is the same god who presides over apiculture and herbalism, the Crone Amalaswintha. All those who are clergy of Amalaswintha share a bond with the mercenary-monks devoted to her son Cynefrith the Shield-Kneeling, a god whose sole purpose is to protect the innocent. Cynefrith is locked out of the material plane; his power exists only through his chosen. The Luthgard family are traditionally beekeepers who follow the Crone.

The Cleric, formally “The Crone's Cleric”, is the title of the sole living inheritor of this medallion and its covenant. Their family has a particular and secretive relationship with its patron goddess. There are many mysteries known only to the Cleric, their mentor, and their successor. The last Cleric was Sigrid's great-great-grandmother, who has recently passed on. She held the title for almost five hundred years. Cleric is less a job title, and more of an invitation from fate to lead a life of heroic adventure. One of their main duties is to safeguard the lives of those who would protect others. Another of their duties is to choose a successor from among their own descendants before they die.

Sigrid's holy symbol is a solid cast pure silver medallion depicting a flowing keg wreathed in blooming periwinkle/creeping myrtle vines, which is the general symbol of the Crone. She wears this around her neck on a chain, tucked under a cowl. Around the border is a discreet honeycomb pattern which is specific to her family. When Sigrid calls upon the power of their god, sometimes a faint taste of honey and bitter herbs will linger in the air.

Dwarven society allows for a period of ten or twenty years for young adults to wander before settling into some dedication. The form this takes for the new Cleric is in an injunction to see the world in order to better understand the people in it.