32 bullets on epistemicide

Caring for myself and those that are with me is more important than studying complicated ideas on a computer screen.

Learning how to have actual conversations without losing it to anxiety and self-consciousness is more important than putting long-winded thoughts on paper because they will haunt me forever.

Becoming calm at the hardest times and being able to learn that ability together is more powerful than a shaky finger holding the trigger.

Reaching out through my antisocial tendency is more revolutionary than writing a whole book full of loaded terms that depend on European philosophy to be explained anyways.

Refusing pacifism and apathy comes before false spirituality that only serves to replace what was passed down to me through enormous effort by my ancestors.

Not being subjected to the policing of your narrative and its expression is more necessary than paying attention to people who are unsure about their heritage or what to do with it.

Considering accountability and responsibility as normal comes before expecting to arrive at a perfect identity that is immune to criticism.

Refusing to pathologize yourself is healthier than being ever unsure about who you are, who is your friend and who is not.

Not paying more attention to my difficulties than to the possible way out is better advice than most things anyone online has to say.

Remembering the first humans to cross into Abya Yala did not come through Bering is alone much more important history than a billion words about US presidents and whatever routines they have.

Being publicly criticized one more time is less menacing than the possible harm involved in simply walking on the street anyway.

Knowing for sure that are many people who need much more help than I do is a lot more obvious than trying to argue for my personal importance.

Not being afraid but aware of the scrutiny of those who want to draw a line around you only to see what's the best angle to attack will make you much stronger than cowering.

Convincing myself for one more day that I don't need to burnout in order to feel worthy of food and shelter is more important than fulfilling the protestant ethics encircling me.

Studying a single line of precolonial history is more liberating than further secularizing my mind to no other effect than doubt.

Trusting my gut feeling about confusing ideas having little worth is much healthier than trying to understand what the anglophones are talking about in their latest anarcho-nihilist bullshit that I don't have time to read anyways.

Choosing knowledge over consumerism and effective questioning over infighting is deeper than the critique that comes through the wire.

Having a caring dialogue with myself is more nurturing than trying to have the anonymous web solve my loneliness and insecurity.

Looking at the mirror or taking a shower is more emancipating than getting updates on the latest news in transphobic academicism as a kind of psychological self-harm.

Making money and other resources reach communities that most need them is greater change than sending data to the northern technocrat.

Having every action and word you say measured up as if you were only worth your outer displays of loyalty to a social scene is less accomplishing than a single act of affection towards those who really care about you.

Trying to learn how to adjust and better please others is a huge waste compared to studying how your own body and mind work with those who have bodies and minds like yours.

Trying to carry the whole power struggle of the world on your back is much more narcissistic than what a misinformed “mental health” professional might be trying to point out to you in the most misguided ways.

Writing concise poetry is far more liberating than being lost in endless prose.

Not giving up growth, joy and love is more mature than clinging to a static, cold idea of adulthood.

Forever remaining critical of myself and others without sacrificing collective care is preferable over what the insensitive psychiatrist is trying to tell me only to send me home and forget about it.

Not being molded by a priest is more urgent than giving up my living, ever-changing hope and replacing it with a dead belief that won't last long.

Forever resisting the erasure of what I am is realizing the state was wrong all along about my documents.

Not needing anyone to validate my thinking is a better aspiration than becoming like the shaky atheist who can't stop talking.

Holding every contradiction as dear as all the stuff I won't ever solve makes me much stronger than the over-educated one with all the answers.

Not needing others to be like me or even meet me halfway will take me much farther than a million air miles.

To get what is mine and yours should be a much higher priority than finishing even a single line of self-aggrandizing words.