Features of Physics, Math, and Chemistry tutors.

 A good tutor must learn about the academic history of each of their students, as well as their interests, strengths, and weaknesses as students, and the most significant traits of their personality. Help all students integrate into the class group and adapt to the dynamics of the centre. Physics and Maths tutor guide students in the learning process and the choice of educational itineraries, either individually or in groups.


In the case of students with learning difficulties and special needs, the Chemistry maths and Physics tutor will also participate directly in the educational intervention program and will supervise that they obtain the expected results.



  • Work on the personal and maturational development of their students, on the acquisition of social values ​​, and their good coexistence in the school.

  • It will encourage participation in activities planned for the entire school.

  • The Maths Physics tutor is the teacher assigned by the director and the head of studies of the center to mainly, guide and guides their students in the learning process during one or several school years. However, his work also includes direct work with the families of the students, the teaching staff, and the school counselor. This gives it a highly relevant role in the educational context.


In this sense, the figure of the tutor will be in charge of:


  • Communicate to families everything related to their children within the center (course program, objectives, centres rules...) through group meetings.

  • Organize personal interviews with parents of students to report on their academic performance and behaviour.

  • Guide and facilitate the resources and/or teaching materials necessary for the family if their child needs to work on those learning areas where they show more difficulties.

  • Channel communication between the families, the student's other teachers, and the board of directors, trying to ensure that relations between all those involved are fluid and positive.


In this work of continuous collaboration with his fellow teachers, the tutor will carry out the following tasks:


  • Direct the meetings with the teachers in the student evaluation sessions and collect important information on the progress of each of the students.

  • Coordinate and ensure compliance with the Curricular Project and the General Programming of the Centre.

  • Maths and Physics tutor can collaborate with the educational counselor in intervention programs for students with special educational needs.

  • Work in harmony with other tutors of the different cycles in the school project and organize joint recreational activities to promote good habits of coexistence among students.

The work of the tutor with the rest of the teaching team


Education is teamwork where everyone involved in the learning and teaching process (teachers, counselor, and head of studies) must be coordinated to achieve the objectives of the course for every one of the students, attending to personal needs. Each tutor, therefore, becomes a team captain to achieve unity and coherence in the educational activity.


Suppose we want to establish a comprehensive educational model in schools and enhance our students' cognitive development and their affective and social ones. In that case, families must get involved in their learning process.