today i joined gnu social. the instance i chose was gnusocial.no because it's a vanilla instance. it doesn't use qvitter. one might suggest that i chose loadaverage.org but from previous experience i learned that you can't delete your account there. by the way, i also learned that you can neither delete your cock.li mail account, nor your pump.io account. anyway.

gnu social logo

while on gnu social, i followed some important accounts. an account you can't afford not to follow is free software foundation. it's quite active too. another account is mikael nordfeldth. he is one of the original developers of gnu social who still uses it. his last post is four months old though. there is also a newer developer who is working on an activitypub plugin for gnu social: diogo cordeiro. this plugin is important because mastodon, which is the most popular platform on the fediverse, recently dropped support for ostatus, gnu social's protocol. the plugin is not yet adopted by gnusocial.no. i know because i was not able to follow tor project's mastodon account.

as an entry to the fediverse, i first registered a mail account on cock.li. after all, email is the first distributed communication platform. i chose this service because they are tor-friendly and i will use tor browser exclusively in my adventures on the fediverse.

cock.li mascot

one nice thing about cock.li is that your mail address is also your xmpp address. so, i tried it on movim and as they said on cock.li's help page, it just werked.

then, i registered an account on pump.io network to follow the guy who started it all. while there, i thought, i could also follow debain project's only official social media account. well, i couldn't. it gave an error like this [object Object]. i have no idea what it means. other things i noticed are:

  1. pump.io's homepage is not on https
  2. evan prodromou prefers twitter. his account on twitter is verified and he has another locked private account.

you see, this may be one of the problems of the fediverse. its creators don't use it.


i could follow the pump.io accounts i mentioned. apparently, the error was caused due to unverified email address.