MBOX to PST Converter (Review) – The Best Way to Go!

Do not rely anymore on the unyielding conversion options for your MBOX to PST conversion needs. Most of us have already suffered after using the various options available online for converting our emails.

One common problem that you might relate with is the loss of data. The conversions never turn out to be the way that they are promised. And one might even adjust with losing certain aspects of the content but these imbalanced tools completely destroy the structure of the mails rendering them useless. But suffer no more as Mail Extractor Pro will rescue you too just the way it rescued me.

The MBOX to PST Converter Tool

Prior to using this amazing MBOX to PST conversion tool, I had tried all the conventional methods of converting my emails from MBOX to PST but all I did was waste my precious time. None of the options have the kind of conversion control that this MBOX to PST conversion tool has.

Mail Extractor Pro will help you convert MBOX to PST without any troubles. You can sit back and relax while this tool vigorously and unstoppable converts MBOX to PST and gives you perfectly converted files.

mbox to pst converter

How will this MBOX to PST conversion tool make the conversions easier? To know more learn about Mail Extractor Pro’s amazing features

This is not any ordinary tool that you have opted for. As you keep on using this tool, you keep on getting more and more pleasant surprises along the way.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  1. Easy installation: Installing this tool is extremely easy. Once downloaded, make sure you have enough disk space. Next, clear all the administrative restrictions for a third party tool. Final step is to just launch the tool.
  2. Auto-load your files: Make the best use of this tool by outsourcing the tedious job of manually extracting and loading the files. This MBOX to PST conversion tool can directly pick the data from the database. And you can even upload a huge database as this tool supports bulk conversions.
  3. Be choosy with your data: This tool does pamper you with all the eased up options at every stage of the conversion process. If after uploading the files, you notice any empty folders, duplication, etc then you can choose to keep them out.
  4. Set the file size: There is an option to set the files size as per your preference.
  5. Progress bar: There is a log report that keeps showing the progress of the process.
  6. Simple and speedy process: Before you even realize, the files will be converted from MBOX to PST. The conversion speed is lightning fast and there will be no system crashes either as the tool is completely bug-free.
  7. Accurate conversions: The converted files are a treat to the eyes. Not only does this tool converts each and every element of the mails but also manages to maintain the overall structure of the mails. There is no modification whatsoever.

To try this tool, you can download your copy from here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com.