Possibly Coherant Works


I've been interested in learning more about the people and tools withing the hacking/scamming community, so I put up a honeypot at https://bidenwatch.live to find first hand what some attacks are like. I use an open-source, community based project known as T-Pot or tpotce, which is located at https://github.com/telekom-security/tpotce.

T-Pot is a really easy go to to spin up. I highly recommend looking into it if you, too, are interested in those kinds of information. I have had friends run honeypots before with some success. My only concern is it's about $20/mo to run the VPS on Hetzner and that's about as cheap as I could find. The vmachine is 4core AMD (something) with 8GB ram (needed by TPot) and 160GB SSD (requires 128GB min).

This is only day one for https://bidenwatch.live , so we'll see what happens. I will certainly report back with details, graphs, fun pictures, stories, and other show and tell as soon as I am able. Now it's time for the wait game. Talk to you all soon, thanks for reading!

Woop, here it is!

I'm not sure what I am going to be writing here, but to make myself write more, I will try posting three times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Don't hold me to it just yet-today is Thursday after all, the schedule is subject to change, but I will notify you ahead of time to the best of my ability.

Some ideas I wish to write about are projects that I am working on, interesting articles I want to comment on, and probably a bunch of random other subjects...for example, I've been playing a ~20yo game called Counter-Strike: Source by Valve Software and might write about improvements I've made, people I've met, etc. It's a personal journal after all!

Eventually I'll pull specific types of posts out into their own topic specific blogs. Mainly with regards to some projects of mine. Or I may just have a dev blog and interleave projects using tags or what-have-you to organize them.

Anyhow, thanks for reading to the end of my first post! Have a great rest of your day!

~ s0ph0s