What has been significantly fascinating concerning the technique of researching the Aurora56z project is 'mining' the large volume of data collected by the preservation of the Minecraft server as nicely because the scholar Wikis which recorded the pondering and negotiations through the construction of the new world, Aurora56z. This paper details the event of a framework to gather participant information in Minecraft. By rising the problem of the game, the participant can take extra damage from mobs. If you wish to play with more gamers who usually are not on the same Wi-Fi connection, you might need to consider using servers. Heat map visualizations highlighting spatial behavior could be utilized by gamers and server directors to judge recreation experiences. Interactive Virtual Worlds offer new particular person and social experiences in an enormous number of artificial realities. Our data collection and evaluation framework affords the chance to know how particular person habits, environmental elements, and social systems interact by means of large-scale observational research of digital worlds. Systematic collection and analysis of in-play behavioral knowledge will probably be invaluable for enhancing player experiences, facilitating effective administration, and unlocking the scientific potential of on-line societies. They also have huge potential for the study of how people interact, and the way societies perform and evolve.