Urban ecology notes

bad poetry scrapbook

Good morning World

Here we come, this square it's not my place. I live in borrow in some cloud of whoever ever known. Here's my bad poetry, reality is away in some other place..

Said Frost:

Poetry is that' s lost in traslation

write poetry it's not take notes

You don't take notes making love

but who need poetry except the writer?

Do you need to read it that I'm writing?

I'm just learn to use my editor of text, poetry is out there

Reading poetry is like falling in love

writing is rational poetry is out there

all that fall that fall in love


The sheriff said: “ Yu loot, we shoot” How could be in a different way..

while somebody is sparking racial violence

others ralling on the street chanting 'hands up, don't shoot'

protests sparked by last death are still raging

Time ago Johnson said:

'we seek more then than the uneasy calm of a martial law

we seek a public order that is built on a steady progress meeting the need of our all people'

While people ask support for essential reform

police is protected by 'qualified immunity' from civil actions with reasons..

but Police unions tend to protect their brothers, even criminals

who protect people by police aggressive that rarely face criminal charges for eccessive and unjustified violence?

Ask this to yourself next time you go to vote a political election

Picasso said: “ art is for remove the dust of ordinary life from the soul.”