Astro Pi 2020-2021

Just spotted this on the CodeClub Twitter feed.

Runs from 14th September 2020 to 19th March 2021 for more information please visit the Astro Pi Website


Even though Code Club is still remote, we can still have a go at this, so maybe time to dust off the Raspberry Pi and have a go.

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Open Source game Jam

Sorry for the short notice, this was posted to Twitter by Open Source Way

Open Source game Jam

Friday 18th September to Tuesday 22nd Jan

Details : Game Jam

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Java 15

Upcoming event to coincide with the latest release. Posting as it may be of interest.

As Java turns 25 this year, you can continue to advance your developer skills by joining us on the journey to learn more about Java from subject matter experts. Increase your knowledge on how Java can help you create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications for a variety of targeted deployment environments. Discover how the world is Moved by Java, as well as gain insight into the Java 15 release, which continues to offer developers incremental performance, stability and security improvements predictably every six months. 

Oracle Developer Live—Java


Webcast: Application Development Innovation with Oracle Java 15


Contributing to the WriteFreely SwiftUI client

I found this opprtunity on Twitter earlier as I follow the WriteAs account.

So to quote the forum topic:

We’re building this as a SwiftUI multiplatform app targeting iOS/iPadOS 14 and macOS 11, coming this fall. This is a totally new way to build apps for Apple platforms, and I’m personally pretty excited by the idea of being able to build apps for three different devices out of a common codebase.

The goal is to launch this on the App Stores in time for the release of iOS 14 and macOS 11. That’s a tight deadline, so we’re limiting the initial scope of the app to a subset of actions that are most important to WriteFreely users:

Read more on the topic here

This could be a good opportunity to anyone familiar with the Swift Programming language or a good reason to take current learning and learn Swift, especially if you want to build apps for IOS / Apple.

This opportunity gives you a chance to Contribute to the WriteFreely SwiftUI client


updated 2/9/2020 : Contacted the Children and young people partnership to promote this opportunity**

Updated 1/9/2020 : I have joined the writeAs discussion forum. So have asked how people can get involved.

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Another useful programming language is Ruby, if you liked the Sonic Pi activities, then you may find, that Ruby is a nice step on from this.

If you have a account then you can start programming in browser, which is great, as it saves having to install the software locally, which isn't always possible or allowed if you're in school for example. You can also ask for help from the forums or collaborate with friends.

In terms of more semi formal learning, Codecademy has a course, which I found pretty good.

A few other resources are listed below:-

There is, or was, Kids Ruby which was a nice programming application for kids. I am not sure on the current status. I have, asked @kidsruby on Twitter to try and find out.

In the mean time, a search on Duckduckgo, should give you lots of useful information.


Scratch 3 projects

I made these up a while back and after doing so decided to also create howto for the actual projects. The howtos are written in Markdown using Stackedit

So sharing again as I can also include these in various examples of what I have created / written etc.