February half term Activities

As it is half term this week, I am sending out a few activities. These are from the Computing Unplugged resources. I have also included some links to other activities.

I am undertaking, this as part of the Paignton Library Code Club. Hopefully we can get this going again virtually.

  1. Mind Reading Magic
  2. Binary Challenge
  3. Guess My Number

You will need items such as; Pens, Card, etc to make up the resources. You may need to ask a grown up to help cut card up.



Being safe while online is really important, there is a really good resource here which may help, with activities.


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Python Text Adventure Game

Welcome to the 2nd day of the EU Code Week activities, presented as part of Paignton Library code club.

So today, there is an activity on Building a text based adventure game using the Python Programming language.

As with other activities you can probably use to complete this and collaborate with others.

This activity is also mentioned on the going further but is presented here as part of EU Code Week.


Raspberry Pi – Blender

Code Club also offer Blender activities

We have Blender installed at Paignton Library. However as this is a virtual code club, please make sure your home computer meets the minimum specification for installing running Blender.

Further links

Blender Projects

Feel free to share projects on services such as Notabug, this uses git.

Well done for completing all the Code Club activities. I will keep posting more content over the next few weeks. Either new topics or to build on existing topics.

On a related note here are the results of the coolest projects contest.



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