Udemy Scratch course

So if you are just starting out with programming. Scratch is considered a good starting point.

Udemy offer the following

Free Scratch Programming Tutorial – Scratch Game Programming for Young Adults | Udemy

Which can be accessed here and looks a great starting point and should also complement the code club materials I have sent out previously.


Other than the support offered by Udemy, I am happy to support via the Qoto discourse forum.

For more info on the Paignton Code Club please see the About page.

Going further – CodeCademy present a course to explain what a programming language is

If you use a range of providers then you learn skills, perhaps in a different way. Learn what works for you and gain better understanding of topics and yourself.

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Scratch 3 projects

I made these up a while back and after doing so decided to also create howto for the actual projects. The howtos are written in Markdown using Stackedit

So sharing again as I can also include these in various examples of what I have created / written etc.