February half term Activities

As it is half term this week, I am sending out a few activities. These are from the Computing Unplugged resources. I have also included some links to other activities.

I am undertaking, this as part of the Paignton Library Code Club. Hopefully we can get this going again virtually.

  1. Mind Reading Magic
  2. Binary Challenge
  3. Guess My Number

You will need items such as; Pens, Card, etc to make up the resources. You may need to ask a grown up to help cut card up.



Being safe while online is really important, there is a really good resource here which may help, with activities.


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Astro Pi 2020-2021

Just spotted this on the CodeClub Twitter feed.

Runs from 14th September 2020 to 19th March 2021 for more information please visit the Astro Pi Website


Even though Code Club is still remote, we can still have a go at this, so maybe time to dust off the Raspberry Pi and have a go.

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Raspberry Pi Links

Following on from yesterdays post. Here are a few possibly useful links relating to the Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer.

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