Password Generator

So to kick off National Coding week, I am sharing this which I wrote really quickly on Friday. Well modified a Magic 8 ball program to do this.

You can download the source from the Debian GitLab Instance.

Basic password generator in python3

git clone

It is very rudimentary, but works.

import random

RESPONSES = ["Lamp",
             "Outlook good",
RESPONSES2 = ["Table",
RESPONSES3 = ["Plug",
RESPONSES4 = ["1",
RESPONSES5 = ["!",
answer = random.choice(RESPONSES)
print(f"First Word of Password: {answer}")
answer2 = random.choice(RESPONSES2)
print(f"Second Word of Password: {answer2}")
answer3 = random.choice(RESPONSES3)
print(f"Third Word of Password: {answer3}")
answer4 = random.choice(RESPONSES4)
print(f"Random Number: {answer4}")
answer5 = random.choice(RESPONSES5)
print(f"Character: {answer5}")

If you can do better, feel free, hopefully it inspires people to write a better version. How about a GUI version for example.